and the wind was like the regret for what is no more

The work explores the interaction of two invisible factors, sound and wind. It deals with the dialectics of scattered and shapeless coefficients that cannot be seen, but have an intrinsic need of existence, of being, and nothing more. 

The wind outside is the source of sound; it is the whisper that will disrupt silence.

Motor mount studies

After trying a couple ways of attaching the motor directly to the bottle, I realized that making a stand for the motor separate from it would be a better solution. Even further, the answer I came to is more elegant than the previous one.

The picture above shows one of my attempts to place the motor in position using cardboard and wires.

The wood in between the acrylic plates will directly connect to the sand that I’ll be using to fill the bottles in order to get different tones. It is important to make the motor visible, conceptually, to maintain the diaphanous character of the project.

Final motor mount structurally distinct from the bottle

Circuit assembly

As I expected, the wiring is really complicated – but it works! So I decided to draw the schematics for an enclosure made of acrylic sheets and standoffs. That helped a lot on visualising how the components will be positioned. The enclosure will have a base and a top. Circuit code is on github.

Breadboard wired up to all the motors
Final circuit fully wired with cleaned up acrylic enclosure on the right
I thought hooking up an LCD to show the wind would be a nice way of making a connection to what’s happening outside without being too flashy, and so, keeping the mystery.

Final Installation