How technology can add another layer of sensing to our lives

This is a two part project:

Cy-Kick - Adding an animal like sixth sense to evolve the human form along with the development of technology

Kinectic-Enclave - Extending the design of Cy-Kick to an urban scale by creating an actuated surface to provide space and enclosure


The quills/whiskers would act as proximity sensors and the tail would react.


Site - CCA SF Campus

The CCA SF campus is by nature infused with programmatic flux. It is a place that thrives on the continuous rearrangement of space and the re-association of interaction relationships. An uncultivated, yet potentially dynamic crossroads and threshold between two continuously fluxuating and reoccupied spaces is the façade separating the painting studios and Hooper Street.

Space usage from students using the FARM space as a smoking area, to the urban nomads who set up temporary residence. 
Provide shading for the glass walls and enclosure for exterior inhabitants
The surface performs different predetermined functions throughout the day
The final model and its digital representation of the surface

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