light-interactive facade

BUILDING GESTURES is a project about a responsive facade controlled by Arduino Uno. The concept behind it is to create a building that can express different situations which take place inside or outside of it, forming “gestures” similar to facial expressions.

For the physical prototype, a flexible fabric has been chosen to represent the envelope of the building. Its deformation is being triggered by a rotating mechanism right behind it, made of laser cut circular pieces and gears hooked up to a metallic axis. The revolution of the axes is generated by stepper motors and is activated by 6 different LDR sensors which have been placed along the textile.

The optimum configurations have been generated by Galapagos so as the façade moving towards the light source. In real scenario the façade could be transformed according to the sun position but the gestures could also been activated by different stimuli such us temperature, noise, wind direction, proximity of humans.

Tutors: Guillem Camprodon, Alex Posada

In collaboration with: Ece Tankal, John Giraldo, daniel Giraldo

Institution: IAAC

Year: 2014