Translated Geometries

heat responsive structure

TRANSLATED GEOMETRIES is a structural system that reacts to certain stimuli and changes its configuration within a given space. Transformation parameters are based on the behavior and/or activities of users in order to reshape our spatial boundaries.

A deep research into phase-changing materials culminated in our discovery of Shape Memory Polymer (Veritex). The material was put through thorough testing in our search for the optimal system for the main goal of being able to heat it, deform it, and upon cooling, hold the new desired form.

drone actuator test
Shape Memory Polymer property
laser cutting SMP
smp-heatwire test
deformations at different temperature

This form-finding process concluded with the decision to develop a foldable architectural system, that of a triangulated tessellation. We pushed his pattern to new heights in applying our SMP joint system to the hexagonal nodes of the foldable and highly adaptable pattern and were successfully able to demonstrate the folding and unfolding of the system.

origami pattern
structure behaviour simulation
inflatable actuation test
trianglar component
smp joints
unit analysis
heatwire test

In our prototype the heating is applied uniformly across through a parallel circuit connected to the embedded heat wires while the actuation for the deformations has been achieved through several forces. Drones, gravity and inflatables have been tested throught our process both in simulations and physically, concluding that some tests were more succesfull than others.

Therefore, there are future developments to be made based on our research and designs, primarily that of the actuation and anchoring system and testing on a larger scale.

drone-actuated shelter

Director: Areti Markopoulou

In collaboration with: Ece Tankal, Ramin Sambayati

Institution: IAAC

Year: 2014