Off Grid

Laser Telecommunications Infrastructure

As an alternative to the monopoly of centralised systems, Off Grid is a laser telecommunication network made up of line lasers, transceivers and mirror relays forming the components for a resilient and ad hoc communication network. Using a laser line of sight it is not elicit or illegal, but off grid and under the radar, opening up a culture of more open source and local conversations.


A 1:1 interactive prototype for a decentralised laser communications system. Data stored on micro SD cards is sent between each transceiver node over the laser beams using pulse width modulation. Automatic re-routing occurs when a beam is broken.

Laser Transceiver (Type: Mobile)
Laser Transceiver (Type: Window Braced)
Double Convex Lens | Mirror Relay

How To

An open source 'How-to' guide, to building your own laser communication system.

Mirror Relay (above) | Laser Transceiver (Type: Hung)

De-centralised Communication in Mexico

Holding a 90% monopoly on telecommunications in Mexico, Carlos Slim is the world’s richest man. With little resilience and at the mercy of corporate greed, we put our faith in these aging centralised systems that are now beginning to show their cracks. The installation is a series of components for a network infrastructure that undermines and subverts this monopoly.

Borrowing from the cartels radio communication network, a laser line of sight communication system is created that is not elicit or illegal, but off grid and under the radar. The result is a decentralised communication system that is local, ad hoc and resilient