Connection methods for Cardboard machines

Hello everyone! Welcome to the construction kit. This is an evolving archive of clever ways to interact with the Cardboard Stages seen here

Using cardboard it is easy to make permanent connections by using hot glue, glue, tape, velcro, shoestrings, wire, clips, clamps etc. To make temporary connections it may be useful to make a connector. In the below examples we are using 3d printed parts and M3 nylon hardware. The following connectors can be downloaded and printed. Have fun and go make a machine! 

This little guy holds the nut on the underside of your material. For hidden connections...
attach multiple layers of cardboard together with this awesome nut capture. 
a zip tie to hold things together! Remember to protect the cardboard from tearing
pull two parts together
Rebecca the ConstructionKit Design Engineer!

More information on connections coming soon! If you have questions or want to submit a super clever connector email us at

Hardware Design for the Construction Kit by Rebecca Li and the [m]MTM team.