"Berlin at Sea"

“In the dark a thin blue line scatters across, a tiny sound rings through the ears, the sun has set high in the sky but no one sees it yet…” Berlin at Sea

With our latest work we explore the act of observation and imaginary experiences. “Berlin at Sea” is something that will never be, a dream of Illusionous moments fueling our imagination. Footwear as an experience not as a product. 

Asking and answering questions such as: 

What is a product? Where is the border between art and commerce, is there one? How much are we influenced by our habits and by the peer pressure created by the environment around us? What is product fetishism? How do we push the limits of a product, not only its basic functional experience/existence? 

Half art / half commercial item - the project focuses on giving to the public an experience of a concept product that provokes observation and thinking. The clash of the two, Berlin and the sea, is to take the observer to a distant imaginary place where reality does not exist and one is free to think, experience and feel as he/she pleases.

Oбservation moments...

Product as a visual experience... The project was approached as crafting an object for oбservation, striving to give the viewer food for thought in silence...

Product & Creative Direction: IDMTR, Packaging: Archabits, Photography: HRB, More at S27