The Framework Pavilion weaves together several recurring themes in contemporary fabrication: parametric design, mass customization, automated toolpath generation, encoded assembly instruction, and digitally driven manufacturing processes. However, the ultimate message is about authorship and the potential for invention when designers have direct access to manufacturing equipment and the opportunity to develop a project through research. The pavilion itself consists of ~500 American Ash sticks, each cut with four uniquely positioned joints that are assembled into a predetermined, precisely formed, doubly-curved, hexagonal lattice. Parts were made on a 4-axis CNC router and assembled on site.

Design Team: Barry Beagen, David Moses, Trygve Wastvedt, Robert White

A special thanks to Shopbot Tools Inc. for donating the wood used in the pavilion. The modular nature of the Shopbot CNC machine allowed us to easily create a machine tailored towards this specific project. What would normally have required the use of an expensive and hard to program robotic arm was achieved instead with a much simpler and more accessible system.

Thanks also to James Coleman, Chris Dewart, Ben Dewart, Jim Harrington, Brian Hoffer, Paul Kassabian, Justin Lavallee, Amanda Priest, Rachel Vroman.

Photo credits: Barry Beagen, Tyler Crain, George Lin