Of Instruments and Archetypes

The prevailing ‘desktop’ metaphor has now become one of the most recognizable interface analogies, treating the computer monitor like the user's physical desktop. Drawing and painting applications used familiar ‘real world’ tools from the artists workshop, like a pencil, paintbrush, spray can, paint bucket and so on, and translated them into digital counterparts with similar functions. 'Of Instruments and Archetypes' explores the possibilities of taking back these non physical instruments, and returning them to the real world without loosing their digital functions.

This resulted in a range of measuring tools; a caliper, measuring tape and protractor, that translate real measurements to the screen by manually using a tool on an existing material or object.

Through this project, measuring becomes something without numbers, but with accurate precision, where measuring becomes making. These tools can then be used for designing CAD objects for 3D printing that has to connect to actual things and environments.

A project from Unfold and Kirschner3d in collaboration with Penny Web. Commissioned for the Keyshapes exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2014 and developed with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL.

Film by Joris Peskens

Photography by Unfold, Peter Verbruggen & David Peskens